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If you've lifted your Jeep and installed larger tires, getting in and out can be a challenge. Install a 4OFFRODZ jeep stirrup step to make it easier on yourself and your passengers to in and out of your Jeep. These 4OFFOADZ stirrup steps are available in 3 sizes or can be custumized for your Jeep or truck.  Choose from red, blue, textured black, gloss black, hot pink, neon colors and more. 4OFFROADZ are sold individually. The strap is black with your choice of powder coat color for the stirrup.

You have the option on how to install the 4OFFROADZ stirrup step.

  •  The standard flat hook. 
  •  A snap hook to attach to the seat frame. 
  •  Bolt to the OEM seat frame support bolt.

Available sizes (Length is measured from hook to step.)

  • 12 inch
  • 19 inch
  • 25 inch

Available colors

  • red
  • blue
  • black
  • flat black
  • yellow
  • pink 
  • purple
  • bright green
  • bright yellow
  • bright orange
  • light blue
  • green
  • hot pink

Custom colors and textures are available contact us for a quote for your needs.

  • Item #: 4ORDZ-102188-S1
  • Manufacturer: 4OFFROADZ
  • Condition: New


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